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Marie Paule Logo
August 2012
Logo, identity, branding
Marie Paule
In the middle of 2012, I approached Daniel Pettrouss-Terzaghian, a budding fashion designer looking to create a visual identity for his new fashion label. Marie Paule specialises in using extremely high quality and rare Japanese silk (usually from kimonos as old as 60-70 years) in the handmade construction of women's purses and scarves.

The brief evolved as the job progressed, as it sometimes does, and the direction changed from "Asian-centric style" to a strong but elegant logo that not only included the label's initials (a lettermark) but also featured the company name (wordmark). I purposefully chose not to design the logo as just a lettermark as with a new company it can create more confusion than impact and the client agreed.

"That is precisely the direction I wanted to take the logo in!"
Daniel Pettrouss-Terzaghian | Marie Paule

The final design had to be strong and elegant but simple so that it was possible to engrave it on metal at low cost to the client. The image you see below is the final outcome of a bunch of hard work and correspondence. Hopefully you'll be seeing it in the shops soon enough.

Marie Paule Logo Final Design

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