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Feel Yourself Campaign Logo

Feel Yourself Campaign Branding
April 2013
Logo, identity, branding
Feel Yourself Campaign (Maddie Wallace)
In mid April 2013, I was approached by Maddie Wallace via my twitter account, @karlgookey. She explained to me that she had recently started an awareness charity focusing mainly on raising awareness among men and women of the importance of regularly checking their testicles and breasts for lumps.

The logo that was delivered at the end of the time with the client featured classic calming colours that are widely associated with cancer charities, allowing the viewer to make the assumption that FYC is "one of the gang" when it comes to the more well known cancer awareness charities. Meaning that when the campaign becomes more well known, it won't need a major rebrand to feel to the viewer that it deserves to be rubbing shoulders with cancer awareness behemoths like Cancer Research UK and the like.

The strong typeface paired with the large capitals gave the logo some much needed punch. When dealing with something as important as cancer awareness, you need all the punch you can get. These factors guarantee all eyes being placed exactly where they need to be.

"Oh wow I love them, thank you!"
Maddie Wallace | Feel Yourself Campaign

The two designs chosen in the end were chosen as two separate design variations to be used in two separate situations. The client is planning on taking the campaign to festivals and fundraisers within the UK as well as raising its profile throughout the web and beyond. So hopefully you'll be seeing them around!

Feel Yourself Campaign Final Design

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